Who is joan of arkansas

Sludge pop band from Phoenix, Arizona

Formed through Tinder and Craigslist. None of us are from Arkansas and no one is named Joan, but we do love a good play on words. Joan of Arkansas is weird, loud, distorted, and lyrically driven. Bright pop dual vocals peeking through distorted sludgy guitar and bass, then topped off with manic drumming. Is it pop? Is it punk? Is it noise? That's for you to decide! Fans of X, The Pixies, The Rentals, Hüsker Dü, Poly Styrene/X-Ray Spex, Guided by Voices, The Gits, and Superchunk will probably enjoy Joan of Arkansas! Our songs cover the gamut of topics, but are often driven deep into what it's like to be piece a of desert trash blowing through gentrified downtown Phoenix landscapes, just tryin' to survive.